We all know that we have entered a new era, the era of connecting with who we really are. This new paradigm of acting and thinking has a direct impact on companies, because if you feel good and balanced, it will be what you project in your team and in your business results. That is why companies are already looking for conscious leaders, leaders who know how to balance their personal lives and therefore project that balance in their professional lives.

And you, do you want to be a conscious leader? Well, keep reading because here you will find the new qualities of these new leaders of the future.

1. Set goals, but not expectations
Setting goals, and the higher the better, is essential for a leader to achieve what he or she wants to achieve.

On a personal level, setting our goals focuses us on achieving what we want, no matter how we will achieve them, but where we are going.

On the work level, a good leader conveys his mission, vision and the strategy to achieve that vision within his team. He must always focus on the big goal to be achieved and then establish the steps to take to reach it, in this way small goals will be achieved that will motivate the team.

It is important not to focus on expectations, because expectations take us out of ourselves, we put the focus on the outside, waiting for something to happen, something to happen and when the expected does not happen, frustration appears.

2. Invest in knowledge
We are entering the era of knowledge and talent. If you want to be a good leader choose your goal and then train yourself to reach the state of “expert” in that subject.

On a personal level, invest in improving your life, discover what things you want to change in your life and invest in books, therapies, sports… get a full life by discovering what patterns are limiting you, take control of your life and lead it, live the life you want.

At the professional level, we are looking for talented people who work with a focus on excellence. If you are already working on your passion, train yourself to achieve the state of excellence and be the best in your field. If you are still looking for what you are passionate about, try it out, take courses, meet people from different backgrounds, this is a personal development path, there are no failed paths, everyone brings you experience, knowledge. There is a divine order that we do not understand but in due time you will be shown why and so that you can give the experience you have lived.

3. Empowering Courage
The leader values and encourages talent, starting with his own.
We are used to not getting big because it seems that if we pat ourselves on the back we are “superior to others”. You can never value someone if you don’t value yourself.

Value yourself, love yourself, discover what talents you have and encourage them. Connect with who you really are and enjoy sharing that talent with the world.

The business leader who values himself is reflected in his employees, because what’s inside is outside, they are his teachers. The new leader understands and understands that his peers are mirrors that show him his weaknesses and strengths and is able from humility to realize that he must work and foster at every moment with his team and in himself.

4. Conscious communication
The conscious leader has integrated the power of the word, with the word you decree and you believe, for that reason it is necessary to take care from which energy we communicate and which is the message that we throw to the world.

In your daily life, lead your communication in a conscious way, choose what you want to say and how you want to say it, invest time in discovering from what vibration you communicate, are you in the complaint or the judgment? Or do you communicate from love, joy and connection with who you really are.

As a leader at the head of a business or department, the way you communicate is closely linked to your emotional and personal development. Focus on communicating with transparency, in a clear way the goals of the team, open to listen to the suggestions and concerns of your employees, the flow of communication should be bilateral.

5. Active listening
The new leader knows that by listening to others he listens to himself. Through others he discovers his strengths and weaknesses, they are his mirrors and through conscious listening he is able to discover himself through the other.

In your daily life learn to listen to yourself, to discern when you are doing something from the heart because you are really passionate about it and want to do it or from the mind, from the energy of the should, which will think? if you listen to yourself and take action from what your heart feels, you will begin to make conscious decisions and lead your life.

In the professional field, actively listening to others helps you to know yourself through them. When you listen actively, you are honoring the time of the other, you are creating a space of calm and understanding between you and the person in front of you.

6. Expansive Attitude
The expansive attitude is a term I have coined to refer to all those attitudes that expand our energy and spread enthusiasm, the spirit of improvement, joy, optimism?

Every day you can observe yourself and analyze from what attitude you carry out your daily tasks, when you are in an expansive attitude, you face situations or relate to people with enthusiasm, positivism, you are fun, you are motivated, that energy is expansive and puts you in a high vibration.

In the office an expansive attitude creates healthy work teams, with a fun, positive and at the same time goal focused and challenging environment. With an expansive attitude, you are motivated and engaged.

7. Delegate
It loosens control and builds trust.

When you live with an expansive attitude, let go of control and trust, the magic happens, because you give way to other paths and opportunities that will be before you. Do not try to control everything, let the energy take you to the people who will help you in every moment.

Learn to let go of control and let your employees or colleagues surprise you with their ideas and solutions. When you let go of control and delegate you create an environment of trust around you that promotes job security, personal value and therefore creativity.

8. Inspire
Confucius said: “A superior man is one who first puts his ideas into practice and then preaches to others what he already does.

Lead your life by taking control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. You cannot change what is outside, because it is a reflection of your inner self. So change yourself and everything around you will change.

As the great leader of your team or company, be the leader you want to see on the outside. Do not try to change your employees or colleagues, do not criticize or judge, because in their position you would have done the same, teach them what it is like to live as a leader, teach them how to be focused, how to control emotions, how to be more effective in making decisions and achieving goals and when they see your results, they will automatically model you.

9. Quantum Mentality
A quantum mentality is one that leaves behind the dual paradigm and is based on the Unity paradigm.

The main parameter of this new quantum paradigm tells us that everything is related. If everything is connected here there is no room for chance. The new leader knows that his thoughts and emotions are projected outward and that he is responsible for what he is living. This places you directly as the owner and master of your experiences and you have the power to change them. You have the power to create the life you desire.

At work the leader with a quantum mentality knows that there are no external conflicts, but internal and puts the solutions inside to project them out, this gives a great inner peace, because there are no longer victims, nor executioners, there are no longer culprits, it is simply a conflict situation that has come to teach us something to improve, learn and achieve excellence. With this mentality you reach extreme states of creativity because by removing the pressure and eliminating fear from your life, you leave space to create and inspire your surroundings.

10. Calm
Calm is the ability to maintain emotional balance in times of stress.

The new leader, with a quantum mentality, knows he is sustained in every moment, he knows he has an inner power that will guide him to where his soul longs and is not afraid.

When you release the fear and trust the calm comes to you because you know that everything has a meaning in your life and that, although now you do not understand why the situation that is tormenting you know that at some point the pieces of the puzzle will fit and the awareness will come.

A business leader who promotes his or her inner calm through, for example, the practice of Mindfulness, is able to see beyond in moments of tension, is more creative when looking for solutions and gives his or her team the confidence to maintain self-confidence, even if there is some conflict at work.