Have you ever wondered if you’re really here to be born, go to school, get married and work your whole life into retirement?

Well, I did. when I was 14 years old I was already asking myself transcendental questions, but I did not receive clear answers, since at that time there was no Internet, nor the facility of today to find answers…

I felt a strong call to understand my existence in life and today I understand that what I was looking for was something that would give it meaning: My Mission.

But what is this about having a mission? In my search I realized that the mission is to be in service, to feel fulfilled.

Being in service means bringing your gifts and talents to the world so that you can help improve people’s lives.

It can be through creating a product, offering a service, a companionship, a guide… anything that makes you feel good.

The problem is that we do not know what our gifts and talents are.

So finding our mission leads us on an inner journey that begins with the existential question, Have I come simply for this?

During that journey you go through a few phases. Watch this video where I explain the 5 phases you go through when you are looking for your mission in life. I shared this video in my Facebook Community: LA TRIBU ALQUÍMICA:

Summary of the phases:

The phases you go through are as follows:

  1. Fear Phase: Not wanting to take a new step for fear of making a mistake (choosing a career, a job, a partner…)
  2. Risk Phase: Take the risk, step out of your comfort zone and face the new scenario created by the decision taken, sometimes with success and sometimes with failure.
  3. Acceptance Phase: Accepting the experience.
  4. Discovery Phase: Discovering the purpose of the experience.
  5. Integration phase: Integration of the teaching provided by the experience.


Do you feel identified in any of these phases?

When you get to integrate the teaching that comes with the experience, you begin to put together a puzzle. At first you do not know what image will be revealed, but there comes a moment when you begin to see the beauty that will be revealed.

This is how you really discover your mission. Taking steps forward, leaving your comfort zone, collecting experiences and knowledge and putting them together like pieces of a puzzle with the natural talents of your being.

You are probably asking yourself: What are the natural talents of being? Well, they are skills that come naturally to you, such as drawing, singing, writing, communicating…

Each person is a world so there are infinite natural abilities that you just have to recognize. Because you’re the only person who doesn’t see them. That does not value them, because it feels like something easy and that as it does not cost effort, it is not worth.

As you take steps in life, you are opening new learning and one day comes the time when you know that everything you have experienced has a meaning and you feel fulfilled, you feel full with the task you do.

There you realize that you have found your mission in life. But attention, your life mission at that time, because the universe is evolving and you and your mission also evolves. You just have to allow yourself to flow and accept the changes to enlarge the wonderful puzzle of your existence.

Look around you, you’re in the perfect place and time to fit your mission here and now. You just have to let yourself see.

If you do not see and feel blocked, one of my favorite tools to find clarity, are the Akashic Records. An A.R. session brings clarity to your soul plan and conveys what you need to know in this moment to harmonize your life and feel at peace.

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