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The mastery that reminds you of who you are and unleashes the magic in you.

Glow Soul Mastery is a Quantic Spiritual Coaching Series where you will get to know your dreams, desires, values, goals… and I will accompany you to manifest them with Alignment Action that will reinvents you from your essence.

I will accompany you during 5 months to recognize the authenticity in you and share it with the world.

Because being divine starts from within, it starts by recognizing yourself and knowing who you really are, your gifts, your talents, your values, your powers… being divine means recognizing the Divinity in you, the spark that makes you unique, your authenticity.

GSM is a space to discover your limits, transcend them with awareness, expand your perception of reality, learn to implement quantum logic in your life, take steps aligned in coherence with your soul and become the Creator Goddess that you are.

5 months of private mentoring with Magda, to recognize your light and show it to the world.

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Spiritual Quantum Leadership

Are you a creative woman who wants to make a mark on the world through your work? SPLENDID is for you. A space for conscious women leaders who want to take the leap to become the conscious CEOs of their company

A space for Creative Women who have a splendid mission: The mission to change the world with their presence at the service of humanity.

A group mentoring where we will accompany you to empower you as an entrepreneur, strengthening the conscious vision of your company, entrepreneurship or business.

A space where you will trust in your authenticity to express it to the world through your gifts and talents. Implementing quantum spiritual leadership in your life and business and shining from your essence.

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Look what happen in my spaces

I am as  as can be for all the progress I made, thanks to your teachings. In these sessions I think my most important learning was to understand why I chose certain paths or partners and to let go of unhelpful believe patterns.

My life completely changed since you are coaching me to a life that I understand why things are happening as well as creating my own life.
Thank you so much dear Magda!

Regula B., Craniosacral Therapist - Zürich (Switzerland)

After the Akashic work, I feel it has affected my relationship deeply. Very profound and positive changes have taken place in a very difficult and complicated situation, but with lots of love…

Thank you for your light and professionality.

Estela Dávila., Energy Healer - España.

It has been a very beautiful and helpful experience for me. The answers haven provided me calmness and have shed light on my personal changes and processes. Internally I repeat parts of the messages whenever I feel anxiety inside and they help me to balance it. Maddie is a great professional and an absolute sweetheart. I would repeat the experience without hesitation.

Désirée M., Designer - Asturias (Spain)

Working with you 1-1 has been a magnificent, enriching and enormous transformation of raising consciousness. The biggest inner change I’ve experienced so far. I feel wonderful.

I feel like I am finally on the right track and enjoying every experience. I feel like I’m really starting to live.

Ilona, Madrid & Riga (Spain & Latvia)

The mentoring has been a path of discovery and reconnection with my intuition. I feel serene and empowered. I have learned to manage situations that I didn’t want to face before and I feel super optimistic and motivated to start new things that I am passionate about.

The calm, confidence and serenity that Magda transmits has allowed me to express myself without fear and to obtain the clarity and understanding to live more consciously and act accordingly.

Mariate - @Uzupia, Architect - Madrid (Spain)

Magda came during a moment in my life in which I didn’t see an escape, I didn’t find a way and suddenly she appeared. She taught me to love myself, she taught me to forgive, she taught me to enjoy and value life, to breathe and to feel appreciated each morning to live another day. She is like my Guardian Angel.

Laura., Financier - Madrid (España)

There is no greater power than knowledge turned into wisdom.