Surely more than once you’ve woken up thinking: “Today I feel “down” and I don’t know why”. We don’t have the same mood everyday.  It’s totally normal, because we live in a world governed by emotions and that means living them.

Do not worry today I bring you 3 tips to raise your energy and transform your day into a wonderful day full of magic:

  1. Dance with life – Do something to change your energy. At times like this you can choose again, choose to change your energy. how?
    • Take a walk in the park.
    • Buy flowers.
    • Dance to your favorite music.
    • Play your favorite sport.
    • Make your favorite breakfast.
    • Meet your best friend.
    • Do something you’ve never done before.
  2. Don’t stop being who you are to fit in.
    We don’t realize it, but many times we feel that we don’t fit in and we try to block our light, our personality, who we really are to be accepted in that new job, that new group of friends, the family dinner, the guy you like…
    When we block our essence, we automatically feel depressed.
    Notice in which situation you are not being authentic. And ask yourself why?, what’s wrong with showing up how I am right now?  How does it make me feel? Write about all these feelings and work through them with the techniques you normally use.If you don’t know any, in my MINDSET LAB. , course, you will find many tools, meditations and rituals to heal those feelings. (In Spanish).

  3. Remember: You are already doing it, you are on the right track! You are in the perfect place at the perfect time.
    Stop thinking so much, relax your thoughts and let yourself flow, you are where you need to be. Everything has a divine order and is perfect.
    The mind confuses us with so many thoughts. Connect with your body, the body has the knowledge of the soul, is the way the soul expresses itself.
    When we think too much we cancel the divine knowledge of the body. Listen more to your body, connect with the intuition of your soul and stop thinking so much.  flows with life!.

Practice these three tips to change your energy quickly and you will see that your day turns around 180°.

If you want to know more, here’s a video on IGTV talking about it: