In Mindfulness there is a process by which the body and the mind are linked.

This process is called the “Inquiry Process” and through it, we become aware specifically of our physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and breathing.

Thanks to it, apart from being able to link mind and body, we notice how our emotions interact with our body. When we become aware of this interaction, we are able to create harmony between body and mind and reduce the way emotions affect our body by manifesting anxiety, stress or even illness.

When we are aware of what is happening around us and how we react to these events, we can think more clearly, be more creative in solving problems and separate ourselves emotionally from what is happening.

With the practice of Mindfulness, we can see the moments of connection and disconnection and we can compare how our life is and improve it.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and feeling our emotions will help us become aware of our patterns.

Our thoughts have a very big impact on the emotions we have, and on the decisions we make, that is why being more aware of them, will help us to align with our being and with our inner purpose, making it easier to hear our inner voice/intuition.

Through the process of research, we train our brain to be kinder and more curious, we are also more patient and able to have more love for ourselves and others.

Thanks to this process we improve our lives:

  • By discovering how many negative emotions our thought patterns create.
  • And by connecting with our inner love.

Thoughts create emotions, emotions create actions, actions create patterns and patterns create who we are, so it is very important to discover this unconscious world that exists in our minds, to improve our life from the inside out.

One of the ways to improve the connection of body and mind and be more aware of this process, is the practice of MINDFULNESS.

To practice Mindfulness you don’t need time, you just need the desire and commitment to improve your life.

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