Everyone is talking about the Night and Day Derivation, but what exactly is that and how can we carry it out?

The Derivation is an exercise to update your consciousness daily. It is a surrender of everything I think I am, all my perception that is wrong because it is distorted, to our original self .

We live in a mental world where we perceive things according to our beliefs, values, experiences, cultures… Through Derivation we do a daily reset to start the day with a new perspective.

We ask our Original Observer, who is our pure essence, to send us the correct perspective of everything we have lived during our day.

How to perform the Night’s Derivation?

  • The first link is called – FOUNDING DERIVATION. That day is the day of Initiation. Make a note of that date.
  • When you go to bed, just as you are about to sleep, the derivation begins.
  • Make a link with your Original Self, with the Origin, with the Source, the Universe (as you wish). Simply putting the intention or if it serves you visualizing a thread of light that comes from your 3rd eye and connects with the universe.
  • And say: I give all my day, I let go to receive the right perception. Thank you.
  • If you have not yet fallen asleep in the process, you can review everything that has happened during the day. Both the good and the bad, and surrounded it.
  • During the night, new possibilities are downloaded and you start your day with another perception.

Just like that, it’s like sending a data packet to the Universe so they can send us the most up-to-date version of the program sent.


When should we start deriving and for how long?

Derivation must be done every day of your life. Every 40 days of Derivation you will have carried out a Quarantine, so you will have reached a new level of perception.

Grisy Nava says that in every Quarantine of Derivation you get a new perception in different areas of your life, so it is important to know your Foundation Derivation Day.

A Quarantine is 39 days because day 40 is the beginning and end of the Quarantine.


What is worked in each quarantine?

  • Quarantine of Derivation – reprogramming the perception of human survival.
  • 2° Quarantine of Derivation– reprogramming what you thought you had to do to protect yourself in your past.
  • 3° Quarantine of Derivation – reprogramming everything you think you have to do to compete in society.
  • 4° Quarantine of Derivation – all your relationships, beliefs, identity, polarity are updated.
  • 5° Quarantine of Derivation – the logic of your programming is redefined, transgenerational, collective…
  • 6° Quarantine of Derivation – here are all the potentials, the revolution of infinite possibilities begins.
  • 7° Quarantine of Derivation – you touch the original point, the essence. From here your world goes very fast, it moves a lot. It’s 9 months, it’s symbolically the creation of a baby. It closes a cycle of 7 quarantines.
  • Closing the cycle of 7 quarantines – It opens the process of connection with the purpose of your own existence.

Benefits of Night’s Derivation?

  • Constant updating of my perception.
  • Expanding my perception.
  • Cleansing of my Mental Body.
  • Increased speed of understanding.
  • Downloads new potentials of possibilities for different situations.
  • You live in the present.
  • Greater capacity for creation.
  • Increase your contact with the Spiritual Guides.
  • You receive the information you need in every moment.
  • You find purpose in what is happening to you.

What is the Night Derivation based on?

  1. The Course of Miracles.
  2. Garniert Malet’s studies.
  3. Alejandra Casado’s studies.

NOTE: In the derivation we don’t ask, we only surrender, because we don’t know what is convenient for us, only the Ego is the one that believes it knows, but it only knows within its perception, that’s why we only surrender, to receive new potentials of possibilities of perception.


How to do the Day Derivation?

Every time you have a situation that moves you emotionally, you never react to what you think you are doing, that’s why you simply make the link with the original being and surrender the situation. During the following days you will receive the correct perception of the situation.


More info about Derivation: Grisy Nava videos on Youtube.