After an exhausting end of the year, a lot of professional work and an intense personal work to know myself, to define myself and to look for the way to show the world how I really am, I am very happy to present you my website.

It is not just a website, it is a window to my world, where you can discover who I am and what I can bring to you in this incarnation.

I’m Magda, Soul Alchemist Coach, Author, Healer and Medium and I believe that it is possible to live a fulfilled life, full of joy, success and magic.

I have noticed this problem that is felt by so many women that their life doesn’t make sense, even though they have an amazing career they feel unfulfilled, lost and unmotivated. They are looking for a change, but they don’t know how to live their vision.My unique way of solving this problem is to walk the path back to your soul.

I will guide you in your transformation process to achieve clarity, learn to empower yourself and get the most out of your potential, aligning you with your soul intuition and connecting you with what you are most passionate about. Creating a balanced life and manifesting your dreams.

Both in my personal life and in my professional career in the world of communication, media and private banking, I have learned the influence of being a good LEADER and knowing how to handle situations from awareness and emotional balance and not from automatic pilot and states of stress.

You can be that new leader, creating within yourself the change you wish to see outside. And I can help you achieve this by guiding you to define, balance and lead your life.


I can be your guide if you want to change the way of seeing life through my GLOW SOUL MASTERY program, the mastery that reminds you of who you are and releases the magic within you.

I can help you balance your energies and remove blockages with “Mentoring for the Body” through energy healing.

And I can help you get clarity and know the next steps that your soul wants to take in this moment with my “Mentoring for the Soul” sessions where I channel the information through your Akashic Records.

Also, if you want to implement changes in your life at your own pace and from anywhere in the world, enter my platform of courses and take a look at everything I have prepared for you.



If you are a company, I can help you grow your productivity through my “Mindfulness @Work Program” where your employees will learn to balance their personal and professional lives.

Welcome to the new era of Conscious Souls.

And you? are you leading your life?

“Pursue your dreams until you live your dreams”
Magda López

I’m preparing many surprises for this 2019… Are you up for a change?