One of my coaches once said, “As you shed what you are not, you become what you really are”.

Those words totally summed up my transformation process.

Over the years and as I have progressed in the transformation process I have realized that we are like an onion, full of layers and layers that form what we call our personality.

Those layers that form the personality are composed of experiences we have lived, with their respective emotions that have created in us beliefs and blockages that cover our greatness.

We are NOT that first layer, nor the second, nor the third… all these layers are protective shields to keep us in a comfort zone where we are sure we will survive.

Survival is the first impulse of the human being, we are programmed to be born, to grow, to procreate and to die. And to procreate and maintain the species we must survive.

How do you shed what you are not?

First of all, by becoming aware that you are not really you, that the person who is reacting without thinking, who gets angry without meaning, who works on something he is not passionate about, who insults himself internally, who is not coherent between what he feels and what he does, IS NOT YOU.

That which reacts is the personality created to survive in a hostile world and is programmed by all those experiences of the past.

When you become aware of this, change can begin.

Second, begin by writing your thoughts of self-criticism in a notebook and change them to more loving thoughts. Every time you tell yourself something negative, look for the positive in that situation.

For example:

  • I’m not good at languages – but thanks to not being good, I decided to improve my languages and I’ve lived in 4 different countries and can now communicate in 3 different languages. And you stop saying that you are not good and honor what you have learned.
  • I don’t like my legs – but thanks to them, I walk to work every day, I can ride my bike and I can walk in the woods with my partner. And you change your negative message.

Simply with this exercise you will start to change your internal criticism and start to see yourself from another point of view.

Third, look at what areas of your life you have the worst and work on them in the following order:

  1. Love
  2. Money
  3. Health


Health first, because if you don’t have health, it means you’re so separated from who you are, that discomfort and separation has already begun to somatize in your body. The body screams what the mouth is silent.

Here you have to do a great deal of research to discover and heal the patterns that have led you to manifest the disease.


Then money, if you do not have a good economy, all the conflicts you will have with your partner, will be about money and that does not lead to a good outcome, besides that if you are in the lack you will attract another person who also vibrates in the lack.

Observe your economy, read about the law of attraction, manifestation, how to create a good relationship with money, look for your internal conflicts related to this issue. A tip: What did your parents tell you about money? It doesn’t fall from the trees, you have to work hard… all these are beliefs that don’t let you be who you really are: AN ABUNDANT BEING by nature.

A secret? Abundance comes when you are connected to your passion and share it with the world. That you don’t know what it is… look, try it, get out there and move, it will get in front of you. That you already know what you’re passionate about… let go of the excuses, the fears and heal the blocks and throw yourself in. Show the world your greatness.


Finally, the area of the couple, when you have health, when your economy flows, then you will be more aligned with who you really are. That means that you accept yourself, you love yourself and you love yourself. And when you show yourself from your authenticity, from your greatness, the man who comes to you, will also see that greatness and the relationship you will create is from SOUL to SOUL and not from shield to shield.

In this relationship, there is no jealousy, you don’t expect anything in return, there are no things to throw in your face… in this relationship there are two Souls, who walk together a path supporting and being masters of each other, from love, respect, admiration and gratitude.

Now you know how to remove layers and layers to get to your essence. Start little by little, being aware of your thoughts, then your automatic reactions (which are signals from internal programs), heal them and finally start listening to your Soul, align yourself with it and shine from your essence.


The Mastery that reminds you of who you are and unleashes the magic within you.