Lately I’ve heard a lot of the phrase: Let go of control and trust, but I didn’t quite understand what it meant.

In my recent experiences, I’ve realized that it’s hard to stay in your own truth. Even many times, we don’t even know that there is a truth, that it is aligned with who we really are.

When we are not aligned with that truth, we are in control. Control keeps us safe, but it makes us insecure to what goes outside the established boundaries, keeps us in tension and creates expectations because what we do “has to” have desired and expected results.

But the Universe doesn’t work like that. The Universe and our Soul have other plans for us and control is not part of them.

To let go of control, you have to connect with your inner truth, with who you really are, with your hidden passions, with your deepest dreams.

When you connect with that part of you and are true to it, you open yourself up to a range of possibilities where you can achieve what you want in ways you never imagined. But reaching that state requires powerful inner work, for we have beliefs that limit us and keep us in the program of limitations and universal lack.

I like to explain this subject by talking about two different kinds of minds:

  1. The Mental Mind that has the program recorded of control, perfectionism, lack… and thinks it “has to” do… to get something.
  2. The Heart Mind or what I also call, the voice of your Soul, that talks to you and tells you you don’t have to do anything, you just have to BE, to be faithful to your truth, to who you really are and do things from the heart. You are ready and open to that range of possibilities for the magic is given.

Hearing the voice of your soul requires training and also courage to go healing all those programs of the “Mental Mind”. But little by little that voice becomes more and more present and in each decision you make there is a little more of your essence. In the end a day comes when you are so aligned with that inner voice that you live the life you want without effort, simply because you are being, being the authentic and wonderful BEING that you are in all your potential.

The trick to start listening more to that voice of your Soul, is the following question: How can I serve the world today? The answer is: by doing what you are passionate about from the heart, giving love through your divine creativity.

Take a step forward and decree: I AM PREPARED. Let go, trust and start walking with that question in mind, then the magic will be given before you.

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