Mentoring for Companies

The new Leader

You have a company and you want to:

  • Lower the level of stress of your employees.
  • Improve the work environment.
  • Increase the rate of happy employees in your company.
  • Improve the level of productivity and creativity.
  • Achieve a balance between the work and personal life of your staff.
  • Create empowered leaders.

Immerse your staff on a 4 week self-discovery journey through my Mindfulness @work program.

This is how it works:

  • A self-discovery journey through quieting the mind.
  • We will discover who is behind all those thoughts, fears and concerns.
  • We will reconnect with silence, tranquility and internal balance.
  • We will learn to identify emotions and control the impulses that can arise in situations of stress.
  • We will transform anxiety and stress into mental stillness in order to be able to think clearly at times when the pressure is highest.
  • We will revive the creative vein that we all carry inside.
  • We will be able to transform fears, to transform ourselves into leaders with clear ideas and goals that can lead projects to secure success.

At the end of the program:

  • Your employees will have achieved a greater balance between their personal and professional lives.
  • They will be able to control their stress levels.
  • They will have a more harmonious attitude when dealing with other teammates, which will create a better work environment.
  • They will be able to think clearly in pressure times.
  • They will focus on finding better solutions and not on the problem.
  • They will be more creative.
  • The performance and productivity in the company will have increased.
  • The quality of the work will be much greater.
  • The workforce will be motivated to achieve.