Magdalena López

Magda is a Spiritual Mentor, Life and Conscious Business Coach, Speaker, Author and channeler of higher consciousness energies.

With more than 15 years on the path of personal and spiritual development, Magda, guides dreaming women in search, to become creative goddesses capable of transforming their lives, living empowered with joy, success and abundance.

Through her individual sessions, group courses, online spaces, conferences and books, Magda helps them to find the balance between body, mind and soul, walking the path back to their essence, recognizing their own truth and embodying it in their own authenticity.


Ready to become an alchemist and consciously lead your life?

Women like you, successful, co-creative, sensitive, powerful women,
and with a great magic inside and with a great magic inside that wants to be manifested,
have already walked the path.

Read the Testimonials of some of them.

Before I felt insecure and now I feel more empowered. I have understood what path I have to follow to achieve the purpose of my life: to feel love.

Working with Magda has been amazing, wonderful, enriching, there are no words to express all the gratitude I feel.

Inma, Spain

Before I started I was stressed, out of place. Now I feel strong, determined, as if that fire was reborn in me and I will not let it go out.

Magda is a sweet being, her voice is a caress for the soul, I can feel your experience and that she is a magical woman.

Barbara, Colombia

The Akashic diagnosis with Magda has been a very beautiful and useful experience for me. The answers have brought me calm and shed light on my personal changes and processes. I repeat part of the messages to myself internally when I feel anguish inside and it helps me to balance it. Maddie is a great professional and an absolute delight. I would repeat the experience without hesitation.

Désirée M., Designer - Asturias (Spain)

My experience with Magda has been fantastic, through her examples I have been able to see situations from my inner self and face them without fear.

She is a tremendously approachable and empathetic person. She transmits a lot of energy.

Paqui, Dance Teacher - Vizcaya (Spain)

Magda arrived at a time in my life when I couldn’t see a way out, I couldn’t find a way, and suddenly she appeared. She taught me to love myself, she taught me to forgive, she taught me to enjoy and value life, to breathe and make me feel fortunate to live every morning a new day. She is like my guardian angel.

Laura, Spain

The Akashic work has affected my relationship deeply. There have been very deep and positive changes in a very difficult and complicated relationship, but with a lot of love….

Thank you very much for your light and your professionalism.

Estela Dávila, Healer - Spain.