Akashic Records Readings

Let’s read your Soul’s Library

The Akashic Records are a universal memory of our existence, a multidimensional space where all experiences of the soul are archived, including all knowledge and experiences of past lives, present life and possible future lives. This energy system contains all the potentialities the soul possesses for its evolution in this life and it’s true reason of being and the meaning of existence.

What is a reading of the Akashic Records?

A Reading of the Akashic Records is a therapeutic session, a tool that allows you to raise levels of consciousness, obtain clarity and peace with situations that have occurred, and help with making decisions that influence the future.

It is also a powerful therapeutic tool to promote Akashic Healing through energetic movement which is produced during lectures.

Experience the Magic of an Akashic Record session

Are you ready?


When to do an Akashic Records session?

The best time to do a session is…

  • When you need clarity.
  • You don’t know which way to go.
  • When you want confirmation of what your intuition tells you.
  • You need answers.
  • When the situation is beyond you.
  • You have anguish and anxiety about a subject in your life.
  • You feel that there are connections with people you do not understand.
  • You repeat situations without realizing it.
  • You do not listen to yourself.
  • You are restless and want to reconnect with your soul.
  • You are not aligned.
  • You feel that everything is out of your hands.

What will you achieve with an Akashic Records session?

With this session you will get…

  • Clarity.
  • Akashic healing, removing blockages from other lives and karmas.
  • Inner peace.
  • Commitment with yourself.
  • Connection with your soul.
  • Recognising your intuition.
  • Taking aligned steps.
  • Recognize my life mission in this moment.
  • Guidance and comfort.
  • Trust in you and your process.
  • Expansion of your consciousness.

This video is in spanish.


It has been a very beautiful and helpful experience for me. The answers haven provided me calmness and have shed light on my personal changes and processes. Internally I repeat parts of the messages whenever I feel anxiety inside and they help me to balance it. Maddie is a great professional and an absolute sweetheart. I would repeat the experience without hesitation.

Désirée M., Designer - Asturias (Spain)

I felt nervous, I wanted so much to know what was going to be said.

The session has been and is being very healing. It has helped me to engage more with myself in the life process I am in now, to take action in certain areas such as work, and ultimately to connect even more with my soul’s intuition.

Magdalena transmits a lot of confidence and is very professional during the process.

I highly recommend a reading, because it can help you in moments of doubt, it empowers you to see that what you feel is what is reflected in the reading, and most importantly it helps you to connect with yourself.

Beatriz, Engineer - Spain

Magda is very professional and has a divine energy that surrounds you.

She has given me comfort and clarity in different things that are happening in my life right now. I have felt guided and with a new sense of confidence in my being and in my spiritual and professional path.

In three words I would define it as Comforting, Divine, Inspiring, perfect for anyone who has doubts or fears about their current situation

Natalia OL, Coach - London

After the Akashic work, I feel it has affected my relationship deeply. Very profound and positive changes have taken place in a very difficult and complicated situation, but with lots of love…

Thank you for your light and professionality.

Estela Dávila, Energy Healer - España

I wish an Akashic Records Session