Do you want to change your career? Thinking about to be a LIFE COACH?

When Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy post, pop up to me in Instagram I got totally in love.

Not just because pink is their color, it felt to me just feminine, empower, soulful and a totally heart connected company.

But the International community of inspirational women that the academy holds and the possibility to get to know all of them in the different events that they have around the world just captivated me.

The academy encourage you to empower yourself and find a coaching style that is connected with your Soul. Thanks to that and the work I did with my Beautiful You Coach I totally empowered myself.

And ONE YEAR LATER,  I share with the world who I really am:

I’m a Soul Alchemist Coach, Healer, Author and Medium that hold a sacred space for women who want to step into their truth, connect with their authenticity & create a life full of magic.

Do you also want to share your magic with the world?


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Are you thinking of signing up for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy certification?
FIND BELOW why I will always be grateful for that experience.


  • Julie Parker, the CEO, IS just amazing, an example of inspiration, love and sacred muse.
  • The practice from the day one with the Buddy System. My coaching buddy helped me to develop my skills in coaching and of course in English, I got very secure and confident in my practice. It was such a pleasure to have someone so close to go thought the course.
  • The teachers and the team are just so lovely, helpfully and inspirationally women.
  • The community, I just can say WOUUU. Some words to describe it: Powerful, diversity, encourage, motivated, inspirational, magic, sacred, divine… PURE LOVE AND GIRLS POWER.
  • And the best is that the Academy is an approved coach education by The International Coaching Federation. This was really important to me.

Did you decide to be a

I tell you now how to be part of this amazing community, change your career and create magic in your life.

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